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I am well aware of bannings happening

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СообщениеДобавлено: Пн Июн 22, 2020 5:45 am Ответить с цитатойВернуться к началу

You have to bait someone to bid & you need to realize Elway succs (card electricity to low this late, & he actually succs). He can't sell that low, also real people do not buy your auctions.Here Mut 20 coins we proceed with this. So in a 10 minute bidding war to get a 91 totd fb.the computer goin up distinct increments!?! NO you can't view your post from IP address. They are seen by ppl. There are 4 diff.

It changed two yrs back. I'd 7 accounts. 2 of them on precisely the exact same AH of 3. Id post cards & buy by submitting low bronze cards for millions myself aswell as pass coins to myself. All 7 got prohibited. All the coin buyers dropped thier accounts. At you can view your articles. Before id just change accounts.now it registers the posters device IP. Account leaping dont help.

Oh my lord buddy. You truly have zero comprehension of the AH whatsoever. The card you set up for auction travels on to a"bot" AH, in which the bot determines whether it will purchase your card. Meanwhile, a"mirror" of your card (same period and similar price) will be posted to 1 of 4"user" auction houses. It doesn't automatically mean that your card is going to be bought and vice versa, if the mirror is purchased. A 100 OVR cannot be sold for under 1.16 mill essentially, as a result of price floors. I am appalled at your lack of knowledge, however you've got as much confidence for a certain reason.

Ive played this since day 1. You are blinded by your over confidences. #2 A EA dev who got all 7 accounts unbanned for me explained it & why I was able to receive them bacc. They could see EVERY transaction I saw & did I had been purchasing CARDS I POSTED MYSELF vs the coin buyers that were purchasing a card posted by someone else. There are still 4 AHs. You cannot see your posts. A MINIMUM bot is that buys cards according to overall not electricity thats. Since day 1 & you dont remember bangate, you played with. Two yrs ago brah. Bout 25k. Accounts were banned in the day & TALKING LIKE THIS attracts attention to what you are clearly missing in this article.

You submitting your"details" based off other articles you have read from reddit. Im recounting from actual experience. You lost, if you think they gon na pay someone to re-write code to get a AH issue. Far simpler to put a patch in to blocc a ip of this poster than create some make believe place at the matrix in which articles are thought but not bought in wutever or certain bot ah the you dreamed up. You post it, you view it. Straightforward. If there was a bot minimum buying?!, why do some cards you post sell in 15 minutes However, other cards you have to post 15x's. Your assumptions continued un-checc until now, now & you believe a fairy tale AH was believed in by you till now. Its ok bro go off you are totally incorrect.

I am well aware of bannings happening. However, we are speaking about the auction home CURRENTLY operates. Your whole argument is that you can't see your auctions. Of course you can not view them you moron, they don't visit an actual auction home. Try posting an onyx for 500 coins, it won't sell due to cost floors. You're a complete buffoon. You're currently talking about things that happened two years back bud, lots has changed since then. Use your critical thinking abilities. You are the dipshit that is only here. EA did not create a brand new AH system smack nutts. They patched it so that you cannot see you are own post.I keep saying that since you always could before bangate to buy madden coins. Before that year you could.thats why they patched it. 2 years later & you only blowing hot air speaking on something you don't get believe as you keep repeating it lmao.
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