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Nike Air Max Deluxe Shoes

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After first dropping in Europe last month, the OG Nike Air Max Deluxe Men's/Women's —a striking late 90s Air Max silhouette that combines a neoprene upper with an Air Max 97 sole—is now slated for a stateside release, and it’ll also be arriving alongside a special friends and family version. Featuring a striking combination of black, blue, white, and orange with a pattern inspired by soundwaves, the Air Max Deluxe is a maximalist sneaker lover’s dream with a unique look unlike anything else on the market. For an alternate take on the classic, the special "friends and family" version flips the upper’s pattern while keeping the famed Photo Blue colorway intact, offering a unique nod to the Deluxe’s genisis.


The shimmering textured upper features a combo of the two colorful metallic tones for a look that sits somewhere between space age and South Beach, while hot pink accents on the Nike Air Max Deluxe Shoes unit and branding provide a pop of bright contrast. The aforementioned black plastic overlays then arrive to rein in the colorful upper just enough and complete the look.

Initially releasing right before the turn of the millenium, Nike’s heavily slept on Nike Air Max Deluxe Sale silhouette enjoyed a resurgent 2018 campaign alongside other more popular models the likes of the Air Max Plus and the Air Max 98. Celebrating its 20th anniversary campaign in 2019, the Deluxe will likely experience even more of an uptick as the Swoosh has never shied away from emphasizing special years for its NSW offerings.

The futuristic upper of the Buy Nike Air Max Deluxe has been met with lukewarm reception since its rerelease this past year, though in its Skepta collaboration and OG colorways, the model is slowly rising the ranks of the famed line-up, cementing itself as a solid choice for even the most nuanced of wardrobes. In its upcoming "Celestial Teal" scheme, the model takes on a kitting that plays on notable space-themed media found predominantly in the 90s as well as the saturated tones associated with the era’s most popular styles.

Mostly one-noted in its arrangement, the blue tones are spread throughout the entire profile with the mudguard donning a glossy finish as well as a deeper shade. Shop Nike Air Max Deluxe Lining and the sole unit take on a much darker black, though it blends in seamlessly amongst the rest of the palette and adds another connection to the final frontier.


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