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Brufut Gardens is a stunning housing development in The Gambia Khari Willis Hat , with over five hundred properties covering 3,700,000 square metres. Brufut Gardens overlooks the golden sands of Brufut beach, just a five minute drive from popular tourist destination Senegambia. Property consultants in Gambia recommend Brufut Gardens as one of the best places to invest, due to its impressive location, excellent facilities and thriving community. Property investors are snapping up its houses, apartments and villas, available to view at www.tafgambianproperty.

Turning vision into reality

Who had the vision to create Brufut Gardens and turn this dream into reality? The man behind this development Bobby Okereke Hat , and many others across the country, is Mr Mustapha Njie. Mr Njie is one of Gambia’s most successful entrepreneurs. He founded leading construction company TAF Construction over twenty years ago. Then, in 1998, the success of TAF Construction led Mr Njie to incorporate TAF Holding Company Ltd. The company has since expanded into real estate and lettings. Its property division, TAF Gambian Property, is a leading Gambia real estate agency that leases, rents and sells properties at Brufut Gardens, described by Gambian property dealers as ‘a piece of heaven in The Gambia’.

Passionate about The Gambia

Mustapha Njie is passionate about his country and is dedicated to helping the progression of its people and its businesses. This passion is reflected in the activities of TAF Holding Company Parris Campbell Hat , which has over 400 Gambians in its employment. The company makes regular donations to philanthropic organisations and has set up a number of scholarships. It has also registered the ‘Taf Skill Centre’ – a non-governmental organisation that aims to give young Gambian school leavers the opportunity to access formal vocational training in construction.

Awards and accolades

Mr Mustapha Njie has been awarded countless national and international accolades. These include the Gambian Businessman of the Year several years running and the European Commission Global Business Award for Excellence and Quality. Most recently he was awarded ‘The Gambian Honorable Businessman of 2010’ and ‘The Ecowas Outstanding Service Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation’. He was also decorated with the Insignia of Member of The Republic of The Gambia (MRG) by President Jammeh.

To find out more about Brufut Gardens, visit www.tafgambianproperty.

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What is the best facial cleansers on the market today? Do you have a normal or sensitive skin facial cleanser should be gentle and safe.

All of these products, which are micro-beads and other damaging scrubs. They can cause irritation, redness and inflammation. Those things, promotes the formation of wrinkles and cause loss of firmness or sagging.

So basically Jacoby Brissett Hat , if you do not want to look older than you, you want to avoid anything that may cause irritation. Daily use, the best facial cleanser is one that is all-natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives and added fragrances, the two most likely causes of allergic reactions.

Regardless of your skin, you should use a sensitive skin facial cleanser. The ingredients seem to include:

Colloidal oatmeal, soothing sensitive skin facial cleanser, which reduces inflammation
Tea tree oil, a refreshing natural soapy solution Nyheim Hines Hoodie , which has antibacterial activity
Orange oil, a little stronger for those who are too fat or dirty work environments
Manuka honey, a particular variety of honey, it was found that highly active anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant capacity, bar soap and shower gel formulas, as well as twice-weekly mask

As a side note, men, shaving can cause irritation and inflammation Tyquan Lewis Hoodie , if you do not use oil and after shave. A good shaving oil is an easy grape seed oil. You can get gourmet food shops. It is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Yes, it’s good for your skin health. After-shave lotion for men to be a witch hazel. Women shave their legs, lotions containing Manuka honey to avoid “shaving bump, as well as infection, nicks and scratches.

Every two weeks, deep cleansing mask containing clay extracts are very useful. The best of this type of facial cleanser is a newly released product, which does not dry hard shell. The old clay masks were difficult to remove, unless you are “clean“ and that it was harmful. This new sensitive skin facial cleanser is a unique mask.

It is unique because it is unique ingredients. It extracts of clay Kemoko Turay Hoodie , which absorbs excessive oils and pull dirt from the pores. These extracts with macadamia oil and shea butter, natural moisturizers, the clay becomes too dry and difficult to remove. It also has Manuka honey, vitamin E and a new compound called CYNERGY TK.

In addition, using the best facial cleanser and a mask every day every two weeks, if you want to look younger and or to protect the health of your skin every day creams containing CYNERGY TK has. Clinical studies have shown that this compound stimulates the cells and the formation of fibers, while preventing oxidation and free radical damage.

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